Fast Switching Synthesizers


How did Aeroflex fast-switching, broadband synthesizers get to be #1? It's no mystery. First, we built the best products. The only ones, in fact, that have it all - high speed, low noise and wide bandwidth - in one package. Even our most basic models are 30 times faster and 10 times cleaner than the closest competitor.

Aeroflex can provide both standard models and custom versions to meet necessary requirements.

Leaving no stone unturned, we put together a full range of models (there are more than 30 in one product family alone), with all the options you'd ever need. And of course, we made them modular, so we could customize them to meet any performance requirements, from commercial to full military airborne and shipborne environments; for applications which require FM Chirpable, phase Coherency type synthesizers; and with typical applications being: radar, EW simulators and RCS systems.

   Synthétiseur                 Synthétiseur                  Synthétiseur

      FS1200                            FS2000                           FS5000

   Synthétiseur                  Synthétiseur                  Synthétiseur

       2126                                2200                                2500

Notre gamme de composants dans les domaines :

RF, Hyperfréquence, TETRA, millimètrique et submillimétrique.


  • Coupleurs,
  • Diviseurs,
  • Filtres,
  • Connecteurs,
  • Atténuateurs,
  • adaptateurs,
  • DC block,
  • Bias Tee
  • Charges
  • .....

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